BEACON offers hands-on innovation support. Maybe you require an independent advice or some practical help to keep the project on track. Our project managers have the talent and motivation to help you to get a grip on your innovation process during all of its phases. For example, by facilitating a project kick-off meeting, by accelerating your innovation process or by on-the-job coaching of your project managers.

We can help you face that unexpected challenge in your innovation. Perhaps you are looking for some specific expertise or a fresh opinion. We offer a wide range of expertise, tailored to your needs. For example, in the field of:

  • Innovation coaching. Being an innovator in an organization can be rewarding but also challenging. Motivating people to deliver innovation is not simple. A BEACON coach can help to reach your goals. Our project managers are experienced in organising diverse product innovations for many companies, large and small. We would love the opportunity to share this experience with you.
  • Innovation process design. By making use of proven processes, our project managers can advise you on how to design and optimize your development process.
  • Accelerating innovation. Getting your innovations to market a lot quicker by shortening the time needed in the development process. Together with your team we identify non-value-adding activities and items that generate delay and try to eliminate waste as much as possible. Our method is based on the principles of lean development.
  • Project kick-off. A good kick-off meeting can help your project to full speed straight away. The objective and scope of the project are sharpened and agreed upon After the kick-off all team members know what to expect from each other and the project. The key attention points and pitfalls are identified. The result: an energetic start for your project, team spirit and a clear plan of approach
  • Risk analysis. Where are the risks in your innovation? What are the consequences and how can you mitigate them? BEACON will conduct an in-depth risk analysis together with your team so that you know where you stand. Using our extensive experience with innovations, we have developed an eye for spotting potential issues and the know-how to avoid them.
  • Business partner and supplier search. Our project managers are experienced in finding and selecting the right business partners and best suppliers. Our wide network comes in handy. We can also support in how to best organize and contract the cooperation with other parties.
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