BEACON project management helps you to stay on the right track during all phases of the innovation process. Our experienced project managers take control of the daily project management for you. We guard the scope, ensure the right focus and get the best out of your team and organisation. Our experience with different methods like Stage Gate, Agile, Scrum and Lean Startup is used to determine the best way of working for your project.

Reliable partner

BEACON is a reliable partner in delivering successful innovation. We enjoy a long-term working relationship with many of our clients. There are factors contributing to this success. Our project managers are skilled, result-driven and loyal. They are committed to achieving your end result. Companies often forget that we are not part of their organization; something we see as a compliment and are proud of. We utilize your organization’s capabilities and combine this with the knowledge and experience of the full BEACON team. And there is no let-off until the finishing line has been crossed.

Daily project management

The BEACON project managers create an overall timeline, to provide the stakeholders with a high level project overview. We divide the project in short sprints each with clearly defined deliverables. We prepare each step in the project, manage the risks, monitor the budget while always maintaining the overview. We optimize progress by scheduling frequent but short meetings. Each team member knows what is expected in order to reach the short term objective. This creates focus and acceleration and is also very satisfying for the team. BEACON will provide you with exactly the information you require, in order to be able to monitor progress and make adjustments if necessary. This gives you an overview and a firm grip on things.

Experience in product development

All BEACON project managers are experienced and knowledgeable and are a credible discussion partner in the field of design, testing, development and production of new products. This gives us the ability to build bridges between different disciplines and parties involved. We create a strong project team with a shared vision, making sure that the different disciplines understand each other. We bring focus which will allow each member involved to contribute to the best of his or her ability and experience.


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