At BEACON, we specialize in managing product innovation. We know how to turn an opportunity into a successful product. Our project managers are experts in the worlds of technology, marketing and supply chain. We are passionate about what we do - to successfully turn your innovation into profit.

Based on our many years of experience, we have developed several methods with which to manage innovation projects. We apply these methods in order to help you.

What we do


BEACON project management helps you to stay on the right track during all phases of the innovation process. We prefer to lead from the front. That is where we are best positioned to guard the scope and ensure the right focus. As interim project manager, in an advisory role or by delivering support with a specific expertise, our experienced project managers get the best out of your team and organisation.

Project management >>
Innovate at full speed with peace of mind

Accelerating innovation >>
Getting your innovations to market a lot quicker.

Risk analysis >>
Stay ahead of issues

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Innovation Definition

To identify and shape opportunities for your future business together. The BEACON project managers will help you to identify new areas in a structured way and to make smart, well-founded choices which evolve into clear business propositions. We achieve this by bringing together the different disciplines within your organisation.

Roadmapping >>
Look ahead and build a future-proof product portfolio

Proposition development >>
From idea to powerful business proposition

Project kick-off >>
Have your project team hit the ground running

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innovation support

BEACON offers hands-on innovation support. We can help you face that unexpected challenge in your innovation. Perhaps you are looking for some specific expertise or a fresh opinion. Maybe you require an independent advice or some practical help to keep the project on track. Our project managers have the talent and motivation to help you to get a grip on your innovation process during all of its phases.

Tailored expertise >>
Specific expertise for your innovation

The innovation coach >>
The innovation coach helps you achieve personal growth

Innovation process design >>
Design and optimize your innovation process

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