At BEACON, we specialize in managing product innovation projects. We know how to turn an opportunity into a successful product. Our project managers are experts in the worlds of technology, marketing and supply chain. We are passionate about what we do - to successfully turn your innovation into profit. We work as interim project managers or in an advisory role.

What we do: Project management of product innovation


BEACON project management helps you to stay on the right track during all phases of the innovation process. Our experienced project managers take control of the daily project management for you. We guard the scope, ensure the right focus and get the best out of your team and organisation. Our experience with different methods like Stage Gate, Agile, Scrum and Lean Startup is used to determine the best way of working for your project.

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BEACON offers hands-on innovation support. Maybe you require an independent advice or some practical help to keep the project on track. Our project managers have the talent and motivation to help you to get a grip on your innovation process during all of its phases. For example, by facilitating a project kick-off meeting, by accelerating your innovation process or by on-the-job coaching of your project managers.

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