Increasing Innovation Success Rate

Less than 15% of all innovations result in an actual market introduction. There are many reasons for this. In our opinion, taking the bull by the horns at the start of the innovation project is key to a successful innovation. A number of questions need to be answered – for example: is the idea relevant to your customers? Is it technically feasible? Is your business able to make it profitable? We look for answers to these and other questions at different places both within and outside your organization. Once the answers have been found, we roll up our sleeves and start working until the project is successfully completed.

Determine your future business

Today’s innovations define your future business; that is why they are crucial for your organization. Yet many innovation projects do not live up to expectations. They generate less profit; they don’t get recognized by the consumer and disappear from the shelves overnight.

You are not alone in this respect; innovation is something completely different from your core business. Most organizations are not set up for innovation. Because Innovation is our core business – BEACON is there to help you. For many years, we have supported our clients with their innovations. We ensure that you can innovate successfully.

Think first…

BEACON believes that a successful innovation starts with defining the added value of the innovation. Why should the customer choose your product instead of the competitor’s product? This is a difficult question. However, the answer brings great clarity.

The next questions we pose are ’what do you need’, and ‘what do you need to do to realize it?’

By thinking your innovation through in depth, we create focus and clarity. You will gain a clear picture of the innovation and the organizational consequences, such as the extent to which the innovation fits the targeted consumer needs, which partners are most suited to help realize this innovation, and how you can add value. The answers to these questions enable you to make an informed decision based on relevant and sufficient evidence, to decide if it is GO or NO GO.

If you opt for GO, you will have made an important first step towards a successful innovation. You will have a clear plan, a realistic innovation, and a motivated team that is ready to start.

 … and then run!

Then we start running; with the whole team. We roll up our sleeves and get stuck in. We plan, make calls and write emails. We discuss, convince and keep you on track. We check specifications, monitor progress and mitigate risks. We work in short sprints to achieve the maximum return on innovation. Each sprint delivers concrete results, so we can check our progress and course, step by step, until your innovation project has been successfully completed. That is how we contribute to your success.

This is what we call ‘Innovation Delivered’!

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