It all starts with that one brilliant idea. But how do you turn that it into excellent business? BEACON’s expertise lies in successfully executing the innovation process in order to achieve this.

Our vision


Innovation most of the time involves many different disciplines. An innovation team is a wide mixture of different specialists – like technical, marketing, legal and supply chain. Individual characters, who all need to work together. This isn’t always going to go as smoothly as you would like it to. Conflicts of interest, contradicting targets and culture differences ask for strong leadership. BEACON project managers’ expertise lies in making these teams perform and getting things done.

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Increasing Innovation Success Rate

Less than 15% of all innovations result in an actual market introduction. There are many reasons for this. In our opinion, taking the bull by the horns at the start of the innovation project is key to a successful innovation. A number of questions need to be answered – for example: is the idea relevant to your customers? Is it technically feasible? Is your business able to make it profitable? We look for answers to these and other questions at different places both within and outside your organization. Once the answers have been found, we roll up our sleeves and start working until the project is successfully completed.

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