Tom Stefels


During his long career, Tom has learned that the measure of success depends largely on the way in which the development process is managed, from idea to profitable business.

Innovation management is a specialized area of management and Tom identified a clear need for this expertise in the market. This was what led him to join forces with Quintijn, and together they founded BEACON. Since then, he has supplied leading companies with the specialists, methods and services they need to get the innovation job done.

Tom has a special talent within the BEACON team, asking exactly those questions that first make you think, and then allow you to start working at full speed ahead. ‘Think first, then run.’



Tom has a special gift for asking the right question at the right time. That can sometimes be confrontational, but it makes him the best at what he does. It allows him to quickly get to the heart of the matter: identify the problem, find the solution, and act upon it.

Tom is a real professional and has authentic authority. He knows how to engage in conversation and is a natural born networker. On top of that, he has excellent organizational sensitivity and understands immediately what the needs of the other parties are. He sees opportunities around every corner but also knows how to prioritize, avoiding spending time on less relevant topics.



With his background in Industrial Design Engineering and electronics, Tom has held various management positions allowing him to combine his interest in innovation with a sharp eye for organizational structures.

Since 2004, he has built a team of professionals providing services varying form innovation definition to hands-on innovation management.


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