Simon van Ipenburg

Project manager

Simon is a project manager at BEACON. He derives inspiration by developing products that really contribute to the quality of life. He also plays hockey during his time-off. He is passionate about both. At work he makes sure that the desired results are achieved by interacting with all people involved: suppliers, designers, engineers and the end users.

As central defender, Simon plays from the back while at the same time keeping a close eye on everything around him. “The same as with a project team: I observe where things are going, keep the overview and change the strategy on time when needed”.

"Project management is like hockey: interpreting the moves, keeping overview and looking ahead."


Simon excels in connecting people and facilitating progress. His broad knowledge and experience helps him to quickly absorb new information. Simon listens and asks critical but supporting questions. He creates bonds within the team, with fun and humour. Visual management is another specialty of Simon. A bit of a cliché, but a good picture tells more than thousand words. A sparkling scrum board is continuously changing and links the team to the project and to each other.



Simon began his career as a Movement Technologist - developing tools for disabled people. He developed a singlehanded-driven wheelchair for use in paraplegic sports. In the following ten years he was manager product innovation at McRoberts and DUNC, where he developed all kinds of products with different teams.

Simon made the switch to BEACON because he loves to work in a team with colleagues specialised in innovation management. The in-depth and focused discussions about the projects inspire him. Within BEACON, Simon manages multiple innovation projects for our clients at the same time. Here his technical knowhow comes in very handy.


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