Quintijn Innikel


It is Quintijn’s strong belief that, before you start running towards the finish line, you need to know exactly what it is you want to achieve as end result and why you want to achieve it. As Covey says, ‘Always start with the end in mind’.’ The sharper your view on the goal, the better you can manage the project and thus increase your chances of success.

‘What I think is so great about innovation is that it gives you the opportunity to make something out of nothing with a team of very diverse people.’

Quintijn and Tom have shared the passion to innovate for years. We realized that many projects could have been managed much better if only the management team had been more specialized. That is why we started BEACON in 2004.



Given half a chance, Quintijn would disassemble everything he gets his hands on. He wants to know how it has been produced, marketed, and who contributed to it.

He is a good conceptual thinker, but also very results-driven. He does not only organize the process but also thinks with you about the content and relevance of the innovation. With just a few in-depth questions, he can assess the value and consequences of an innovation for the business in no time. He is decisive and demonstrates great natural leadership.



Ever since Quintijn was young, he has been interested in ‘how stuff works’. Long before his industrial designer studies at Delft University of Technology, he was building slide tracks, surfboards and snowboards. Throughout his career, he has been involved in the management of product innovation. He has held management positions in the FMCG and durables industry.

Creating successful partnerships in product innovation has become one of his specialties. He is also very experienced in interpreting patents and innovation due diligence for investors.

Besides enjoying work in projects, Quintijn is responsible for the daily internal management of BEACON. His responsibilities include the company’s HR management and public relations management.


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