Laurien Wolfswinkel

Project manager

Even the best idea will not result in a good product when there is no appropriate innovation management.’ Especially the successful realization of a product is what satisfies Laurien. She notices  this is often not done to its full extend. Starting her career as product designer, Laurien her role quickly evolved to managing and creating a workable product development process. She loves to find the right balance between commerce, technology and design in order to create the perfect product. It is crucial to bring structure and set clear goals towards all stakeholders. A solid structure creates overview within the project and provides room for dynamics and creativity. ‘It is great to reach the set goal together with the development team and witness the first production batch.’

"Both structure and creativity are crucial for successful innovation"

Laurien’s strenghts

Projects with loads of challenges is what makes Laurien excel. Her strength lies in her enthusiasm on the one hand, and her analytical view with her ability to provide structure on the other. In a natural way, she creates a clear overview for herself and others.

Laurien pays attention to the people in her development team and loves the energy that comes with fruitful cooperation. She has a positive attitude, but is realistic when needed and applies her creativity for complex matters.

Laurien’s experience

From an early age Laurien created, invented and designed things. Therefore, the study Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft was a very natural next step. At Smartwares Group (brands like Tristar, Princess, Smartwares a.o.) she managed multiple projects, from raclette sets to smart lighting. As innovation manager she was commercially responsible for all in-house product development, from internal kick-off to mass production with Chinese manufacturers and B2B launch. Laurien loves to keep on learning at BEACON: widen her view, get to know different companies and broaden her knowledge in a team of experienced and specialized innovation managers.

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