Jeroen van Tongeren

Project Manager

Jeroen loves the development process and has developed a lot of products over the past twenty years. Some great and beautiful products however were not successful in the market. That was frustrating. He learned: your product can be that beautiful, brilliant or environmentally friendly, if nobody wants it, there is no point. Jeroen started to look at the bigger picture by asking more and more questions: Why are we initiating this project? Do we have the right people for it? Have we figured out if it will land in the right way? Success depends on a lot of factors, including for example the business case and logistics. Over the years, Jeroen has found satisfaction in managing the entire development process to make the end result a success.

"Your product can be that beautiful, brilliant or environmentally friendly, if nobody wants it, there is no point."


Jeroen is creative and has a positive and solution-oriented attitude. He enthusiastically challenges his team members to persevere and come up with the best possible solutions. He can keep an overview of the innovation process with a helicopter perspective, but he can also zoom in on details if necessary. By experience, he knows when a deep dive is required. Details can have a major impact on the entire process. By understanding them well, you can make better decisions on another level. Because Jeroen is a credible discussion partner for engineers, marketers as well as manufacturers, he can also keep an eye on the quality of the work and judge who suits best for which task.


In his childhood, Jeroen lived in Cameroon and Canada, due to his father’s work. There was no telephone nor TV. Jeroen and his friends built and took apart all kinds of things, building fires, improvised rockets and boats and tinkered with mopeds. Once back in the Netherlands, Industrial Design Engineering turned out to suit him perfectly. Jeroen has spent his entire career working for various companies in children's products: strollers, toys, kick scooters, go-karts, bicycles. A very nice business. In between, he also taught industrial design students for three years. Thereafter, Jeroen worked self-employed for a time and did an interim assignment for BEACON. He loved managing the entire innovation process and the ability to discuss challenges with fellow project managers, so he made the switch and joined our team.


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