Christel van Dijk

Project Manager

Christel is at her best when she is about to introduce a new product and when she can make the team perform optimally. Her main drive is getting the best result together with the whole team.

She has a very broad range of interest and is fast in identifying the mayor topics. She naturally bridges the gaps between different disciplines and with her sharp, analytical eye, she always manages to provide structure and clarity.

With every single thing she does, she is constantly aware of what the consumer wants, and what the innovation will bring to the organization.

"Innovation is not about ideas, it is about making ideas happen"


With her hands-on mentality and spot-on analysis, Christel brings structure and clarity to her projects. She is particularly strong in weighing up the various pros and cons, and then choosing the right way forward.

People working with Christel sometimes characterize her as a pit-bull. ‘As soon as we know which way to go, I go full throttle, work pragmatically and I don’t stop until we have succeeded.’

Naturally, she does not stop thinking while in action and often surprises the team with new solutions to the problems. She also encourages others to share their visions and ideas.



Christel has an affinity with many aspects of innovation, from defining technical specifications to product implementation, data analysis and marketing.

As a Masters graduate in Industrial Design Engineering, Christel joined BEACON in 2009. Christel has since managed many projects and fulfils her role as linking pin between R&D, operations and marketing with flair. She has worked for both multinationals and smaller private enterprises and is skillful in leading international teams and managing many different stakeholders. Christel knows like no other how to juggle all the things that come her way.

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