PON power

Pon Power asked BEACON for support in organizing the definition of new business propositions. The occasion was the question posed by an important customer of Pon Power: “To be honest, we would prefer not to use the Caterpillar motors on board our ships. Ideally, we would prefer exactly the right amount of energy to use when and where we need it. Can we think of a solution for our need together?”


Develop and facilitate an innovation program in which Subject-Matter-Experts from different companies (a.o. Pon Power, Bakker Sliedrecht and their customer) would be able to define several new business propositions within 10 days.

  • Facilitating the definition process
  • Lead the temporary team so they could in a structured way:
    • Get to the bottom of the innovation challenge and customer needs
    • Help the group to explore possible opportunities and generate smart ideas
    • Turn the best ideas into concrete business propositions
    • Test the most critical assumptions in the market and in this way strengthen the initial proposition


Three promising new business propositions. And the discovery of a new way of innovating together with the customer; to look together at the customer needs from a broad perspective and find fulfilling new solutions.

PON Power about BEACON

"The program was well defined, full of information and tightly led by BEACON. We combined forces within the ten intensive days. We looked at the challenge from three perspectives: technical feasibility, market value and customer relevance. The result? Three concrete, promising business propositions, a lot of new insights and a strong and equal relationship with our customer.”

Floris Hoogstraten, Marketing Manager Pon Power.


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