Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Jacobs Douwe Egberts made use of BEACON’s project and program management during multiple stages of the development of PROMESSO: a coffee system for small businesses; it was based on liquid coffee technology and still managed to deliver bean-to-cup quality coffee. The challenge: setup and manage an extensive program to develop a new appliance, with new packaging as well as a new ingredient.


BEACON was involved from the start and which resulted in a crystal clear definition of the total program: how to organise the development of the ingredient, the appliance and the packaging with a dosing unit in a way that all fit well together? This was not only a matter of a well-thought-through timeline, but also to make the right agreements between the different disciplines and sub-projects. Being an outsider offered BEACON the opportunity to ask simple yet important questions. This helped us for example to map in detail where the different sub-projects should come together.

Activities of BEACON:

  • Support the definition of the innovation program to develop a new ingredient, appliance and packaging with dosing unit
  • Manage the program timeline
  • Guide the team in technological development, including definition and execution of packaging tests with DoE
  • Interface management
  • Project management of roll out in a new market


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