Gazelle asked BEACON for support with a structured form of innovation roadmapping. The questions they wanted to get answered: “What do we need to do to remain successful in future? Will our current bike offering still meet consumer needs in five years’ time? And how should we market position our own top models with respect to each other and also with respect to the competition?”


Supporting Gazelle to develop their innovation roadmap with required NPD and technology projects.

Together with a multidisciplinary team from Gazelle:

  • Develop a mutual vision of the future including the market positioning of the different frame families
  • Organize interviews with consumers and dealers
  • Develop new product propositions and map out in an innovation roadmap


An innovation roadmap with clearly defined new product introductions for five frame families and their related NPD and technology projects. Interviews with consumers and dealers also led to the birth of a new frame family (Gazelle CityGo), which has since been successfully introduced in the market. The CityGo has won the “Fiets van het Jaar” Award in 2018.



“The program was very active and gave us some homework. BEACON used a structured process to help us find our own insights. Their stepwise approach was great. Content wise, the program was very strong, and we can build on the results. I also appreciated the enthusiasm, flexibility and expertise of the BEACON project managers during our journey.”

Karel van Wesemael, Product manager Gazelle.

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