A self-organizing startup team within FrieslandCampina had as objective to launch a product which would create a serious business opportunity. They came to the idea of a product, a machine and a smart packaging design, with a unique technology for FrieslandCampina. They were looking for a partner who could challenge them in the field of product development of the hardware and the organization of the total solution. Especially because this product is new to them. BEACON appeared to be the right partner.


BEACON is responsible for managing the technical product development. The development is organized based on the Lean Startup method. In quick iterations, different solutions were tested with customers and the biggest added value for the end-user was evaluated.


This method makes it possible to develop at an impressive speed. In eight months we developed a product, a machine and a smart packaging design, of which the technology is patented.


“We heard from BEACON and we met Quintijn. He turned out to be the ideal partner for us: visionary, pragmatic, highly experienced and with a huge network. He takes full responsibility, does not waste our time and never comes back with problems. That is the mentality we were looking for. What I appreciate about BEACON is that we can just blindly trust that everything they do is good. They deliver what they promise, every sprint. If the workload suddenly increases to 200% or 300%, they can flexibly adapt by assigning additional people, and the quality and speed of the work remains at a high level. That is a very big sign of quality."

Ilya Sharafan, business manager FrieslandCampina

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