Forbo asked BEACON to help with implementing the scrum methodology for management of innovation projects. The installation of Forbo’s linoleum carpet is finished with a special wire to fill the seams between banners. The challenge was to create a wire that ensures a strong connection between banners, protection against dirt and good cleanability. This project showed limited progress and this is when Forbo decided to apply scrum methodology.

Role of beacon

Support Forbo to implement the scrum methodology to manage their innovation projects:

  • Deliver a scrum master who facilitates a bi- or triweekly stand-up meeting

  • Create focus within the project

  • Report on progress to the steering committee once every 3 or 4 weeks


Within a year after starting to apply Scrum with support of BEACON, Forbo was able to launch the newly designed wires in the Netherlands as a pilot test. Several months later, 30 wires were launched worldwide. “We were able to implement the solution within 9-12 months. In the meantime we also executed a benchmark test. The wire performs very well and we didn’t get any market complaints. This is really a success story.”

Forbo about BEACON

“Some people I know had good experience with Scrum. That’s why I asked BEACON to support us. This worked very well, even so well that we are now also applying this methodology in two other projects. Also with BEACON. We switched to a completely different way of working. Step by step the BEACON project managers supported us to do so.”

Edwin Duijnisveld, Director Product Management and Design at Forbo

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