BDR Thermea

BDR Thermea develops heating systems for a global market. The challenge was to develop a boiler or energy system with lower CO2 emission. BDR Thermea asked BEACON to support in defining the needed innovation projects. 

role of beacon 

To help BDR Thermea with the definition of innovation projects: 

  • Organize an innovation challenge for the R&D department and product managers. 
  • Set a clear definition of the problem and task as input for the innovation challenge.   
  • Facilitate brainstorm sessions.
  • Guide multidisciplinary teams, who further developed their ideas and assessed feasibility, consumer relevance and business validity.
  • Support in taking a fact-based decision within a short period of time on which product innovation to develop further. 


  • Five worked out and assessed innovation propositions (concept phase).
  • Kick-off of one NPD project with a dedicated team to start the realization one of the concepts. It is expected to introduce this product to the market within two years. The challenge also delivered two other useful concepts which BDR Thermea will further assess.  

BDR Thermea about BEACON  

‘As a company we want to be ready for the future. The Netherlands is our example country; finally, this development will occur globally. The development of a low CO2 system is important, but we have limited time. We asked BEACON to support us in an efficient start. A small company with a pragmatic approach, that’s what I like about them. Next to this, I already had a satisfying experience with BEACON in the field of project management. BEACON has a process to define innovation projects and connect multiple disciplines and departments, which they adapt to each situation in a flexible way. This works well.” 
Mark Rankenberg, manager R&D at BDR Thermea

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