To professionalize and accelerate their innovation management practice, Aviko was looking for an experienced interim project manager who was able to boost an ongoing project. Someone that could properly lead a complex innovation project within a complex organisation like Aviko. At BEACON they found this senior project manager.

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Supporting Aviko to professionalize and accelerate their innovation management practice by:

  • Leading a complex, ongoing project
  • Introduce an efficient way of working and new methodologies like Scrum
  • Training the new (internal) project manager and get him up to speed
  • Light coaching of the new project manager, to secure the transferred knowledge


The BEACON project manager created overview of the crucial elements within the project. It soon became apparent which functions needed to be involved to create a solid business case. How the team could involve stakeholders. How the team could ensure sufficient resources and how to report to the steering committee. Next to this, the Scrum methodology was introduced, where Aviko team members learned to focus on the deliverables without being distracted by the project content.


‘It is great that the people from BEACON have technical knowledge, are quick-witted and know which questions to ask. The added value of BEACON is that in situations where we can’t fulfil specific tasks ourselves, we can hire an experienced project manager who can start on short notice. A senior project manager, who blends in naturally within our organisation and brings in the required knowledge’.

Jolanda Maagd, head of innovation and product development at Aviko


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