Aviation Glass & Technology

AG&T hired a BEACON project manager for the development of a beautiful innovation: lightweight glass mirrors for the aircraft industry. Together with a start-up team, the challenge was to develop and certify the product and launch it successfully in a new market: Aviation.


  • Project management of the development process
  • Communication between the investor and Aviation Glass & Technology
  • Accelerate the innovation process (getting great results from stand-up scrum sessions) to develop high quality samples in only three months.


In a limited amount of time, Aviation Glass & Technology has grown into a high-tech company with a beautiful and very innovative product portfolio. Their products meet all international aviation standards and multiple well-known aircraft manufacturers across the world have AG&T products furnishing their aircraft.


Aviation Glass about BEACON:

“BEACON were in fact with us all the way, helping to build the success of Aviation Glass. They supported us enormously with project management and also in communication with the Investment Company.”

Jaap Wiersema, COO Aviation Glass & Technology




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